Natural Red Iron Oxide

Hormoz Red Iron Oxide is one of the best qualities of iron oxide in the world. It is considered a strong rival to the chemical lookalike. It belongs to the product Range of high-performance pigments and fulfills the higher requirements necessary in the paint and coating industry.


In addition, it applies in mosaic, ceramic the products, tile industry, plastic industry in the field of wood plastic to color change composites, concrete, paint as well as in cosmetic industry.  


Basically, there are two different types of pigments; Natural and Synthetic. Natural pigments are taken directly from the earth and based on quality of the mine, the quality and shade of pigments may differ. Pigments are insoluble materials that are ground into a fine powder in order to get suspended in a binder (usually an oil). Insolubility means that pigments can’t be dissolved into the binder, the fine particles of the powder are suspended and stay solid in the binder. The binder surrounds the pigment particles and holds them in place.


Our red Iron oxides include both Hormoz-based and non Hormoz-based natural pigments which are different in chemical composition and shade. The Hormoz-based natural iron oxide is produced from the natural source taken from Hormoz island which is almost the best in world in quality and shade.


One of the biggest users of Iron Oxide Pigments is building materials industry. Uses include coloring the concrete products and mortar because of their acceptable dispensability and good strength.


Our iron oxides are suitable for coloring cement, concrete and concrete products, roofing tile asphalt and send lime bricks and offers considerable cost saving up to 50% in comparison with other synthetic products.


Paints industry can be considered as another biggest user of Iron Oxide Pigments. Most of the paint applications require applying micronized and good grades of pigments to acquire the best coloring effects.


Efficient test on paints, marine coating in which our iron oxides are used, shows a perfect performance than other similar products. Iron oxide is also ideal to be used in varnishes and stains.

Paint and Coating

Iron Oxide can be used in production of color master batches for the plastic industry since it’s considered as a heat stable material.  Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments additives encapsulated during a heat processing to a carrier resin which is thereafter cooled and cut into granular shapes.


Masterbatch provides the processor to color raw polymer economically during the plastics manufacturing process.

Plastic Masterbatches

Various shades of Iron Oxides are added to mortars, concrete blocks, surface areas and other building components to make the best of building exteriors and provide endless possibilities for designers and architectures.


Such colored finishes are also applied to restore heritage building by matching colors of the blocks and plasters with that of the existing structures.

Architectural Products

Iron Oxides are widely used in preparation of leather colorants. Our iron oxide is free from heavy metals and hence preferred by the industry.


During the past years, iron oxide has been used for manufacturing of leather products it provides constant colorant on leather without having a negative effect on lifetime of leather like some other similar products.

Leather Colorants

Iron oxides match other applications such as:


  • Adhesives
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Plastics and Rubbers
  • Cement Flooring
  • Drugs and medicine
  • PVC products
  • Rubber products 
  • Glazes
  • Textile industry
  • Inks
  • Ceramic colors
  • Glass and metal Polishing