Afghan Talc (super white)

Afghan Talc (hereinafter referred to as “super white talc”) is one of the products of Farayand Powder Alvan Co. which is known as super white talc and used in various industries such as paint, paper, plastic, ceramics, cosmetics, etc. The talc stone imported from Afghanistan is transformed into talc powder with different mesh sizes (up to 2500 mesh size) in our processing plant through a precise and controlled process, and after quality check and laboratory controls are passed, then it’s packed for local market and export.

Afghanistan has one of the largest reserves of talc in the world and the talc extracted in this country is sent to various destinations around the globe. Due to its special physical and chemical properties, this product has been highly welcomed by various industries.


Afghan (Super White) Talc


Super white talc has unique characteristics, the most important of which are as follows;

- High whiteness: Afghan talc is known as super white talc and is the whitest talc available in Iran market. The whiteness of talc is an important factor that affects its applications in various industries (especially industries such as paint, paper, and ceramics). Also, in the pharmaceutical industry, the whiteness of talc is being considered as a quality indicator in production of pharmaceutical products. The whiteness of talc is an important factor to ensure its suitability for medicinal applications.

- High magnesium (MgO): Afghan talc has the highest amount of magnesium among the talcs available in Iran market, which has significant consequences for its use in different industries. For example, in industrial applications, increasing the proportion of magnesium talc in the smelter feed can improve the liquid temperature and viscosity of the slag and will require a higher operating temperature of the furnace. Moreover, the high content of MgO in talc improves its physical and chemical characteristics such as lubrication, anti-adhesion, softness and gloss, making it more suitable for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber, ceramics, coatings, plastics, etc.

High fat: Afghan talc has the highest percentage of fat among existing talcs in Iran, and the soapiness of this type of talc is quite evident. The fat content of talc can have considerable effects on its applications in different industries. For example, in the food industry, talc is used as an anti-caking agent and its high fat content can be helpful in preventing clumping and maintaining the free-flowing nature of food products.In plastic industry, talc is normally used as a filler and its high fat content can improve the mechanical properties of plastic products such as hardness, impact strength, flexural modulus and thermal stability. Talc is used as a lubricant and anti-adhesion in the cosmetics industry and its fat content can improve the quality of the final products consequently.


Afghan talc


Factors affecting the price of Afghan talc

The price of Afghan talc may vary depending on the quality of the extracted talc and the micronizing process of the powder. Some of the main factors affecting the price of Afghan talc are as follows.


Afghan talc (Super white talc) is known for its excellent whiteness, and as mentioned earlier, this issue has made Afghan talc one of its attractions from the point of view of industrial consumers, especially paint, paper and ceramic industries. Magnesium and high fat are other characteristics of Afghan talc that should be considered when buying and affect the price of the product.

Resources and extraction

Depending on the location and mine of Afghan talc extraction, its price may also be different. The quality of the mines and their geographical location may differ in the final price of the product due to the fact that Afghan talc is transported from Afghanistan.


The purity percentage of Afghan talc also affects its price. The higher the purity of Afghan talc, will cause the higher price.

Mesh size

Another factor affecting the price of Afghan talc powder is its mesh size, which should be considered according to the final product and the amount of Afghan talc used in it. For example, Afghan talc with 2500 mesh will have a higher price than 800 mesh. Therefore, this subject should also be considered at the time of purchase.


Another factor influencing the price of Afghan talc is its demand, which may vary according to the type of industry and the country that consumes it, and the distance from the place of purchase and the company that produces the talc powder.

Afghan talcum powder production process

The process of producing Afghan talcum powder is like normal talcum production, with the difference that the talcum stone is transported from Afghanistan in the specified sizing and after customs clearance, it is sent to the powder micronizing factory. There, Afghan talcum powder is produced and sent to the market through various stages including granulation, crushing, separation and packaging. It should be explained that the role of quality control during the production process of Super white talcum powder is very important so that the produced product meets the specifications required by industrial consumers.


Afghan talcum powder


What are the characteristics of the best producer of Afghan Talc (super white)?

Afghanistan, renowned for its rich mineral resources, stands as a prominent player in the global talc market. Afghan Talc, a versatile mineral with various industrial applications, has seen a surge in demand, particularly for the super white variant. In this pursuit of excellence, one producer has emerged as the paragon of quality and innovation in Afghan Talc powder- the epitome of super white talc brilliance. In the following, we will check what points we should consider to buy Afghan Talc powder and choose the best seller.

Pinnacle of Purity

The unparalleled purity of its product distinguishes it as the best producer of Afghan super white talc. The talc undergoes rigorous extraction processes, removing impurities that might compromise its whiteness. This commitment to purity is not merely a standard but a philosophy ingrained in every step of the production process. The result is a talc of exquisite brilliance, coveted for its pristine white hue.

State-of-the-Art Mining Techniques

The best Afghan Talc Manufacturer employs cutting-edge mining techniques to extract talc from mineral-rich deposits. Leveraging advanced technology minimizes environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. This producer prioritizes sustainable practices, reflecting a harmonious balance between industrial progress and ecological responsibility. Modern mining machinery and methods optimize extraction, ensuring a continuous supply of the highest quality talc.


buy Afghan Talc  powder


Stringent Quality Control

Quality control measures are the cornerstone of the best Afghan Talc Supplier's operations. Every batch undergoes meticulous testing to meet stringent quality standards. From color consistency to particle size distribution, each aspect is scrutinized to guarantee that only the finest talc reaches the market. This commitment to quality has earned the producer a reputation for reliability, instilling confidence in clients worldwide.

Innovative Processing Techniques

The best talc producer in Afghanistan does not rest on the laurels of tradition. Instead, it continually embraces innovation in processing techniques. Advanced methods are employed to enhance the talc's properties, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of diverse industries. The producer invests in research and development, staying at the forefront of technological advancements to deliver talc products that exceed expectations.

Global Compliance and Certification

In a global marketplace, adherence to international standards is non-negotiable. The premier Afghan talc producer takes pride in meeting and surpassing global compliance requirements. Certification from recognized industry bodies attests to talc production's quality, purity, and ethical practices. This commitment facilitates international trade and reinforces the producer's dedication to delivering a product of unparalleled excellence.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Beyond the product itself, the best talc producer distinguishes itself through a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. Environmental stewardship is prioritized, with reclamation efforts and eco-friendly initiatives integral to the production cycle. Furthermore, the producer actively engages with local communities, fostering social responsibility and contributing to the well-being of the regions where talc extraction occurs.


Afghan Talc


Client-Centric Approach

The success of the best Afghan talc producer is not solely attributed to the quality of its product but also to its client-centric approach. Building lasting relationships with clients, the producer understands their unique requirements and adapts its offerings accordingly. Flexible supply chain solutions, timely deliveries, and responsive customer service contribute to the producer's status as a preferred talc supplier in the global market.

Important tips for buying Afghan talcum powder

First of all, the need of the industry that needs Super white talc should be considered. The quality, degree of purity, granularity, whiteness, amount of fat and amount of magnesium required in Super white talcum powder should be considered first and then according to the reviews regarding the price and delivery conditions, a decision should be made regarding the purchase.

The credibility of the Super white talcum powder manufacturing plant is also very important, and the degree of mastery and control over the quality of the product produced by the supplier company should also be carefully examined.

Finally, the suggested price and the required amount of Super white talcum powder is also decisive in the purchase, which should be taken into consideration when buying Super white talcum powder.

Afghan talc produced in Farayand Powder Alvan Co. is having a very high quality and meets the needs of various industries inside and outside the country.

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