Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is outlining the rules and principles based on which we perform our activities and each of us has to comply with these rules in his daily practice. The main aspects of our Code of Conduct are as follows;


Integrity and honesty;

A mutual trust and honesty will last forever. Based on this, we have always committed ourselves to follow the integrity and honesty with each single customer and in each single deal. Each of our employees and managers has to adhere to the highest level of ethical and mora values during his work life in our company.


Creation of Value;

We strongly believe in creation of value for our customers and clients. This is our main commitment to listen to customers carefully and meet their expectations in the best way.


Safe Operation;

As a part of our safety regulations, each of our employees must take care of safety condition at his workplace. Our safety control procedures are also taken into account carefully when a visit from our customers is taken place. We always take the necessary measures in order to minimize the risk of any unwanted accident.


Confidentiality of Information;

Our customers have the absolute right to be protected in terms of confidentiality and we always do our best to keep them safe. None of our employees or managers has right to use the data and information of our customers for a direct or indirect personal purpose.



We are fully engaged with reducing environmental footprint and our products are commonly used in various industries specially as a replacing for petrochemical products in plastics. We believe in a green planet …

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